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Monroe Tufline Manufacturing has been making farm equipment since 1958. They are a solid company with a solid reputation in the industry but were not as known in the consumer market. In the last 8 years they have made branding and marketing themselves much more of a priority. That effort has paid off. Now they are more well known across the consumer market, helping dealers move more product.

Freshen up.


Tufline's existing logo was dated, so we worked with Tim Perkins, President of Tufline, to develop a more updated version with a look to attract a wider audience from gentlemen farmers to large farm operations and contractors. Then a look was established to be used consistently across all materials from catalogs to brochures to websites.

Headlines and copy were written to establish Tufline's reputation and longevity in the market. We coordinated a multi-day photo shoot to create a library of images that could be used to keep the material fresh over time.

Celebrate your strengths.


The new logo was developed to appeal to a 'NASCAR' type audience, strong but sleek and colorful. Tufline was nearing their 50th year in business so the logo was tweaked to represent that.  It was matched with colors and layouts that accentuated the logo and worked well with the equipment's color, Tufline orange. The multi-day photo shoot paid dividends with shots that gave us options to keep the work fresh as time passed. 


All the materials here can be viewed individually in this Tufline Gallery.

Going forward.


Tufline's website was created about the same time as the branding work began. It carries the brand look but as time went on modules and features were added making it a little less user friendly. Tufline has tasked us with redesigning and posting a completely overhauled site. Look for updates soon. to come in early 2014.

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