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One of Pensacola, Florida’s most visible real estate projects for downtown is Beck Property Company’s One51Main, a residential/office/retail development on Parcel 1 of downtown’s Community Maritime Park. We were delighted when we were selected to create the look and design of the marketing package for the project.

Start from the beginning.


Early involvement and planning are key elements for creating a successful marketing effort for any real estate development. We were lucky to collaborate with the Greg and Justin Beck and architects Kelly Wieczorek and Steve Jernigan of Bay Design Associates to set an early direction for the look and feel of the marketing materials. Before the project's name was officially selected,  we explored look, feel and coloring for the materials. The overall feel of the project was slightly upscale, leaning toward small city urban and since the project was on the waterfront at the doorstep of downtown the graphics and materials should reflect that.


When One51Main was chosen as the name for the project, it fell  into place without missing a beat.

Show them what it is.


We worked with the architects and produced renderings of the building from two angles to accentuate the design elements that give the building its character. The renderings were crucial in marketing the building since groundbreaking was still months away. In all, we created 10 various indoor and outdoor renderings to give potential buyers a feel for what views and lifestyle they could expect at One51Main. Attractive site plans and floor plans were created to compliment the renderings and all were put together in a Powerpoint sales presentation and a website.


All the renderings and graphics are viewable in this One51Main Gallery.


Make it easy to market.


Providing a sales team the right tools makes it easy for them to make their pitch. Beck Property knew how they wanted to position the property and how to present it, so we created materials tailored to that goal. A Powerpoint presentation for in-office use was created with high resolution graphics that highlighted necessary sales points. The website was designed to give viewers a complete view of One51Main. The background image showcased the panoramic view of the bay while menus carried viewers on a visual presentation of the project. Interactive area maps were created to illustrate the convienence and quality of life in downtown Pensacola.

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