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When Studer Community Development Group chose to tackle the re-development of an historic landmark building in downtown Pensacola we were lucky enough to be chosen as the designer to create all of the materials to market the endeavor. The building, dating back to 1885, had been vacant for years and fallen into disrepair.

The opportunity to be involved in this worthy project was an honor.

Transform the block.


This historic building is located on a downtown block that is quickly transforming into one of the most exclusive addresses in the city. Bustling with energy and growth, the area offers a desired lifestyle, so the imagery and materials created for The Artisan needed an  upscale feel while portraying a relaxed lifestyle.

We worked with developer Andrew Rothfeder and Brian Spencer of SMP Architecture to develop a marketing look that was sophisticated yet lively and respected the building’s history.



Paint a picture of the future.


Allowing prospective buyers to get a possible view of the finished development through renderings and graphics is a powerful tool in attracting increased square footage prices. Renderings of the exterior elements were needed to show the improvements to the building while preserving its historic integrity. We determined that creating interior condo renderings for three types of buyer, eclectic, modern and traditional would allow each in their own mind to see the possibilities of the space. In all, 25 renderings were created for use in all the sales materials.


The Artisan Gallery contains samples of all the renderings.

Inject life into the picture with movement.


Positioning this project was about lifestyle and lifestyle. We opted for a website that was a little out of the norm. The imagery we used depicted the upscale urban lifestyle while the movement of the images created a sense of the downtown vibrancy that is attracting so many interested prospective buyers. Everything was selected or created to depict that lifestyle and attract a line of interested parties.

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